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The competition of innovative projects "Startup Rally 2018" is one of the activities of the Project Office "Promotion", created as initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation to promote and commercialize promising scientific developments in the field of pharmaceutical products,  medical device production and digital medicine.

“Startup-rally 2018” is an effective tool for the development of innovative projects in the biomedical sector.

The purpose of the Competition is to identify, select and promote the most promising scientific developments in the field of pharmacology, medicine and digital health at different development stages.

Competition goals:

  • Assistance to prospective projects in obtaining financing;
  • Training of project teams in business planning, assistance in preparing projects for presentation to investors, obtaining marketing skills, training in interaction with strategic partners and investors;
  • Initiation of communication between project teams and key players in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry.

Applications are accepted from project teams at different stages of implementation - from pre-clinical studies to pre-registration activities and meeting the following requirements:

  • technological feasibility;
  • competent project team;
  • investment attractiveness;
  • high probability of industrial introduction.

Applications are accepted in the following areas:

Medical devices (diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation):

  • functional diagnostics;
  • endoscopy and endoprosthetics;
  • surgical instruments and equipment;
  • products for rehabilitation;
  • X-ray equipment, MRI and accessories;
  • telemedicine technology;
  • disposable medical products;
  • optical medical devices;
  • apparatus for emergency assistance (incubators, defibrillators, artificial ventilation);
  • systems for monitoring and visualization;
  • simulation equipment;
  • new medical materials;
  • diagnostic systems and reagents (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, molecular biological methods).

Innovative pharmaceuticals:

  • new molecules and pharmaceutical compositions;
  • genetically engineered drugs and vaccines;
  • biosimilars;
  • immunobiological preparations and vaccines;
  • products of cellular technologies;
  • nanomedical technologies, targeted drug delivery.

Digital medicine:

  • portable medical electronics;
  • software for high-tech medical equipment;
  • devices for monitoring health status, fitness trackers, gadgets;
  • IT solutions in medicine and health care, big data in medicine.


Stages of the "Startup-rally" project competition:

  • May 21 - July 1, 2018: collection of applications for participation in the Startup-rally;
  • July 2 - 22, 2018: interaction of project teams with experts; rework of presentations; expertise and selection of projects for participation in the final;
  • 23 - 31 July 2018: summing up the results of the project expertise, the announcement of the finalists;
  • August 1 - 26, 2018: a consulting and educational online program for finalists; preparation of presentations for presentation of the project to investors during the final at BIOTECHMED conference in September 2018 in Gelendzhik;
  • August 27 - September 3, 2018: presentation of finalized presentations;
  • September 10 - 11, 2018 - the final event during the BIOTECHMED conference in Gelendzhik: pitch-session of the finalists and competitive selection; the solemn ceremony of awarding the best project teams

To participate in the Contest, a participant must register on the Startuprally.ru website before July 1, 2018, and attach a project presentation in PDF format to the application.

Motivation to participate in the "Startup-rally" competition:

  • Training of project teams in the skills of commercialization, obtaining qualified advice on commercial implementation of the project, preparing a presentation of the project;
  • Establishment of communications with representatives of business and regulators, and other participants of the innovation ecosystem;
  • The opportunity to present the project at the key event of the industry - BIOTECHMED Conference in Gelendzhik on September 10-11, 2018;
  • Participation in the competition for the Grand Prix and cash prizes, the opportunity to receive awards from the project partner;
  • Promotion of the project in the media and professional community;
  • The possibility of integration of the project into the pool of the Project Office of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

To improve the quality of projects, a consulting and educational online program was developed, consisting of 4 blocks of lectures:

  • Methodology for creating a successful investment presentation; project presentation to a potential investor.
  • Strategic and business planning in start-up companies; Approaches to business valuation;
  • Features of Russian and international patenting in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical products;
  • Government control in the field of medicine; Preclinical and clinical trials, registration of medicines and medical devices; Possibilities of state support of innovative projects

Lectures will be posted on YouTube in a restricted access mode, notification of the placement of a new lecture will come to the participants by e-mail specified in the application, links to video materials will be published on the site in a special section. After the end of the program participants will have the opportunity to modify the presentation and submit the new version in account on the site from August 27 to September 3.

The events of the final part of the Competition - pitch session and awards ceremony - are held on September 10-11, 2018 at the BIOTECHMED Conference site in Gelendzhik. The Organizer compensates the expenses for accommodation and travel of one embassador from each Finalist team.

During the pitch session all finalists will present their final project. The jury members will fill out a ballot in which teams are assessed on a five-point scale. The evaluation will be carried out according to the following criteria: presentation quality, business model development, compliance of the team's competencies with the tasks assigned, feasibility of the project, and market prospects. As a result, three winners will be determined, among which the prize fund will be distributed in proportion to the number of points received.

For more information, see the Statement on the Innovation Development Competition "Startup-Rally 2018".