The company "Merk" is interested in the development of Russian technologies. ()

The company "Merk" is interested in the development of Russian technologies.

The pharmaceutical company Merck - a scientific and technological company in the field of health, life science and high-tech materials - sponsored the Startup-Rally competition.

The product range of the LifeScience division, which is main in cooperation with the Startup-Rally, includes about 300,000 items: from laboratory water purification systems to genome editing kits, antibodies, cell lines and complex drug production systems. The subdivision closely cooperates with specialists from the scientific, biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.

Heinz Schmidt, Director of Life Sains, Merk Russia and the CIS, has formulated the main tasks the company sets itself as a partner of the Startup Rally:
"In Russia, the program aimed at creating local modern pharmaceutical productions is currently gaining momentum. This direction is related to the development of a high-tech and innovative biotechnology industry. At this stage, Russia demonstrates a high level of competence in the field of academic development related to biotechnology, but so far there has not been a clear enough interaction between academic science and the real industrial sector.

Life Sainz Merck has enough experience and opportunities to support most high-tech projects related to the transfer of technology from other countries to Russia. Thus, we are interested in supporting all areas that are aimed at developing the field of biotechnology in Russia, and we are confident that this contest of innovative projects "Startup-rally" provides excellent opportunities for giving a new impetus to the development of the pharmaceutical industry in the country. Therefore, it is very important for us to join this initiative and take the most active part in it. "